Alteametasoft is developing following products:

Web conferencing software

Apache OpenMeetings – opensource software for presenting, online training and web conferencing supplied under Apache Foundation License, which provides the following features:

  • Possibility of making video conferences in virtual room with up to 100 attendees
  • Transferring audio and video from the conference attendees
  • Planning conferences in calendar
  • Creating unlimited number of virtual public and private rooms
  • Sending e-mail and sms invitations to the meeting attendees from calendar and via room interface
  • Private and public chats
  • Collaborate whiteboard drawing and document reviewing
  • Making and watching recording of the videoconferences in AVI and FLV formats
  • Sharing screens of attendees
  • Mobile client for Android – OMMobile.
  • Communication is possible both via unsafe (http, rtmp) and safe (https, rtmps) network protocols
  • Authorization may be based on inner users base, on LDAP/AD or OAUTH2 (Google, Yandex, facebook etc.)
  • To increase a performance several OpenMeetings servers can be combined into cluster.
  • Six project committers including main system architect work in our company.
  • System is distributed under Apache License, v.2.0

We offer Commercial Support service for the following goals:

  • OpenMeetings server installing and support
  • Moderation
  • Virtual room hosting on our demo site
  • Integration with most popular CRM and systems including Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Mooddle, Bitrix, SugarCRM
  • SIP/VOIP integration
  • Additional services including network check, providing recommendations for the problems repairing on the server and client sides, tuning free disk space monitoring system, etc.
  • Almost any customizations in the user interface and functionality

Price list and FAQ for all service are available here

You can try OpenMeetings on our demo server.

Alteametasoft is being the official representative and distributor of the following products:


UGENE – is a visual environment for biomolecular research, integrating ever-growing set of bioinformatics algorithms.

Key features of UGENE project are:

  • ease of use and rich visualization
  • Workflow Designer for creation of computational schemes
  • high (substantial) computational acceleration through HPC optimization
  • continual augmentation by new plug-ins
  • wide distribution, already embedded in some popular Linux distributives
  • open source code